Centre of analysis and numerics for fluid-structure interactions at Charles University



Part of the project are analysis for numerics and respective numeric computations. On the one hand the experiments are used to understand the mechanisms between fluids and solids and accordingly allow to strengthen heuristics or conjectures. On the other hand the mathematical analysis is used to improve numeric strategies for providing physically relevant simulations.

Current investigations

Currently we develop a benchmark fluid-structure problem on the bounce of an elastic object inside a viscous fluid. Following the analysis such a bounce should happen without a topological contact at the wall. Two different strategies are compared: A purely Eulerian smooth interface code with a sharp interface Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) method. For these we mathematically investigate adaptive strategies. A starting point here certainly forms the analytic and numeric results obtained in (Gravina, Sch, Soucek, Tuma, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2021).
Further investigations on the the Turek-Hron bench mark are performed. Mathematically investigations on time-periodic motions in relation to the appearance of lift are supported by numeric experiments.

Numerical experiments

Bounce of a wall of an elastic solid interacting with a Navier-Stokes fluid.

ALE based computation:

Purely Eulerian smooth interface computation:

Time periodic motions appearing due to fluid-structure interactions (Turek-Hron benchmark):