Centre of analysis and numerics for fluid-structure interactions at Charles University


The Centre of analysis for the interaction of fluids and solids was initiated at the beginning of 2019 and since Fall 2022 is priorly financed through the ERC-CZ Grant LL2105 CONTACT.
Currently the team has 8 members.
The research is focused on the interactions between fluids and solids. Fluid solid interaction happens in many everyday instances. For example blood flow through a vessel or air flow through the trachea, oscillations of suspension bridges, lifting of airplanes, bouncing of elastic balls, or the rotation of wind turbines. The working group aims to systematically develop an analysis for the related theory of partial differential equations. We attack classical questions of existence, uniqueness, regularity and stability, questions about the qualitative behavior of fluids interacting with solids and the quantification of the forces at the free interface between the solid and the fluid-the variable domain. Moreover, we interchange ideas with the field of scientific computing and modeling and progress the related theory of numerical approximation schemes. In case you wish to participate in the program please contact me for more information.

Current main scientific activities

Here you find news and preprints.


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic supports the centre via the Grant LL2105 CONTACT from 09/2021 until 08/2026. Further we thank the support of the University Centre MathMAC (UNCE/SCI/023).