Centre of analysis and numerics for fluid-structure interactions at Charles University



  • We have opened a call for two postdoc positions. We also have funding for PhD students. In case of interest please contact Sebastian Schwarzacher for more information.
  • We welcome the new faculty member Daniel Campbell and the new PhD students Jakub Cach (supervision of K. Tuma) and Stanislav Mosby (supervision of S. Schwarzacher at the University of Uppsala) to the team.
  • Conferences

  • M. Bulicek, J. Malek, V. Prusa, S. Schwarzacher and E. Suli are organizing a conference Modelling, PDE Analysis and computational mathematics in material sciences Sept. 23-28 in Prague.
  • B. Benesova, M. Kruzik and S. Schwarzacher are organizing the annual meeting of the GAMM Activity Group "Analysis of Partial Differential Equations" Sept. 16-19 in Prague.
  • S. Schwarzacher is invited speaker Recent Progress in Deterministic and Stochastic Fluid-Structure Interaction at Berkeley.
  • B. Muha, J. Webster and S. Schwarzacher are organising a minisymposium Bifurcations, periodicity and stability in fluid-structure interactions at the ICIAM 2023 Tokyo. M. Kampschulte is invited speaker at the minisymposium Interfaces and Free Boundaries in Fluid Mechanics and Materials Science .
  • B. Benesova and S. Schwarzacher will speak at the Workshop: Nonlinear PDEs: Recent Trends in the Analysis of Continuum Mechanics at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn.
  • B. Benesova and S. Schwarzacher did speak at the Workshop Between Regularity and Defects: Variational and Geometrical Methods in Materials Science at the Erwin Schrodinger Center Vienna.
  • At the Happening Virtually: SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (PD22) M. Kampschulte was giving a lecture in the MS103 Free Boundaries in Fluids and Fluid-Structure Interactions and S. Schwarzacher was giving a lecture in MS21 Nonlinear Effects in Fluid Dynamics and MS71 On Fluid-Structure Interactions and Related Problems - Part III of IV.
  • S. Schwarzacher was a plenary speaker at the Workshop "Analysis of Fluid and Elastic Bodies Interactions".
  • The mini-symposium PDE-02 Analysis for fluid-structure interactions was organized by S. Schwarzacher at the EQUADIFF 15 in Brno.
  • Publications

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